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Need help wicking Asian Amber from CS

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Anyone have any feedback on wicking Asian Amber from CS. I use C3, 6% FO and I'm testing in a glass tumbler, 3"dia x 4"tall. I've tested with CD 16,18 and now 20 and it's still got alot of hangup. I've been finding a CD18 works best in these jars on the last 4 scents I've tested but this one is being difficult..

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Sorry - can't help you with the C3. I love this scent. Made it in paraffin - 4625 and used either a 27 or 30 flat and burned great. Almost sure I made it in 4786 and used 2 cd 8 in 10oz apoth jar also. Know this won't help with soy but if anyone is looking for paraffin might help;)

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CD 16,18 and now 20

Photos and a little more information would be helpful! ;)

I use a CDN 12-14 for 3" diameter containers of C3.

How long are your testing sessions (should be minimum 3 hours)?

How many test burns?

It is typical for these not to achieve FMP on the first, sometimes second burn. Ambers are a fragrance that I have found needs to cure a week or two for full effect, also, BTW. I have not tried CS's, but have noted this with other ambers I have used. HTH :)

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Hi Stella...

I'm into 3 test burns and all have been at least 3 hours. The glass is really thick though so I'm thinking it might also have to with that. There's still a good 1/3" hang around the mp. The candle has cured about a week and half.....

I'll keep testing, it's my first Amber of any kind so I'd figured it was worth asking...


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Thanks Soyvey for the tip......I'm not getting any soot....actually the flame seems pretty weak and calm considering I'm up to a CD20. It's about 2/3 down into the jar and it still has about 1/4 hang. I really think it could go up to a CD22 but I"ll wait until I get to the bottom. I also noticed it's a very dark, heavy FO..

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