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What happen to my foaming salt????????????


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Hello I was making foaming bath salt for someone I made it the next day It was a little hard so I toke it out and put it in my mixer to loseing it up Next thing I know it started to foam up -this has nerver happen before because there was no water around it at all. It just started to foam up Big. I don't know what happen My husband said maybe it started to foam up because it was hot but if so how can I sell it in the hot weather?



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high humidity?

Remember salt (and maybe some of your other ingredients) is hygroscopic and attracts water out of the air - thus it is no longer water-free.

You might be able to sell it in hot weather if you get the stuff into air tight packaging pronto, packaging that your customers can reclose after using. But if it's that sensitive to humidity they might be frustrated having it in their humid bathrooms.

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