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Essentials By Catalina Whipped Body Frosting - How much fo?


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On the container they give directions that seem to involve far better math skills than I have after being a stay at home mom for a long time. I checked their website for more info and did a search here but didn't find the answer.

How do I calculate the amount of fo to add to this base?

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if you want to scent the entire container use 1.28oz of FO/EO by weight.

if you want to do less, weigh out what you want and move the decimal point to the left 2 places for 1%. I.E. 16oz of base, you would add .16oz of FO/EO by weight.

Other handy dandy measurements (by weight):

Base------1% FO/EO






The container says to use 1% fo or eo to 128 oz. (the entire gallon container) of Body Frosting Base.
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This was on their site in the FAQ section:

Question :

1/2oz of scent to a gallon, but what about a 4oz or 8oz bottle? imgAnswer.gifAnswer :

The rule of thumb is 1/2oz of scent to a gallon(128oz) of base, and up to 1 full oz.

For a 4oz bottle use about 7 to 14 drops of scent.

For an 8oz bottle use about 14 to 28 drops of scent.

Remember that not all scents are the same. Some contain more carrier oils than others and some are just more potent period. Always test your batches and keep good records of your mixing formulas.

If you over scent you can always add more base product,but you will have to know how much scent you used in order to know how much more base to add, once again keep notes.

Always start with the minimum and work your way up.

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you can get to the chart by first going to the bittercreek site, then go to instructions, then instructions using their bases, AND THEN, within that, there's a link that will take you to the measurement chart. I don't know why the link doesn't work.

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