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What foamies brand of craft foam does to my soap!


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I used Funky Foam with no issues, but the Hobby Lobby available carried only the 8 x 12 size, my slab mold is 12 1/2 inches long. So I checked out the local Joannes and no Funky Foam, but they did carry Foamies in a 3 foot by 6 foot sheet, and I'm thinking should be ok. Wrong. First pic is what foamies did to my soap. Second and third is after the clean up. It's a goat's milk layered soap, no color on the bottom, TKB's green on the top, along with some ash. Fragranced with cool cucumber. My first attempt at layers and goat milk - I used powdered.

PS Guess what color the foam was :)




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I've never heard of foamies or Funky Foam ~ what are they? Molds?

It's a foam sheet used for crafts - I've seen it at Joannes, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I used it for lining my molds like some other folks on this board have. The Funky Foam brand (I found at Hobby Lobby) did not bleed - the one I used was red in color - I can't testify for any of the other colors. It made my soap look real smooth and was easy to line the mold.

The Foamies brand (Joannes and Walmart) was red and is what bled onto my soap.

Read somewhere on here that some people had some foam sheets that would bleed onto their soap - I thought I searched to see which brand bleeds, but either forgot or didn't get results, so I thought I'd just try this brand. Maybe this will save someone else from spending a couple bucks on the wrong kind! ;)

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That is weird, I only use foamies, because they work best for me and never had bleeding. I like using the red mostly too. I've never tried it with a goat milk recipe though.

I only used foamies the one time - decided not to try it again. Had used funky foam quite a few times - but not with goat's milk. I just assumed it was the brand of foam - perhaps not.:confused:

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