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Fragrance companies? Are they good?


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I have a customer who is farmilliar with 2 companies and their scents. These 2 companies I have never tried before, so I would like some feedback on them and these exact scents.



Apple Jack & Peel


Cinnamon Bun

Holly & Ivy

Hot Fudge

Kickin Caramel

Sea Spray

Tuscan Cypress

Welcome Home




Christmas Blizzard

Gingerbread Goodies

Juniper Breeze

Mojito Cocktail


Pink Sugar

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Sugar Plum Berries


I already order from Peaks, so if there is something there that is a duplicate or better I need to know.

I already get cinnamon bun, pink sugar, and pumpkin spice from peaks and love them.

But any information on these companies and scents would be great.

Or any scent you think I need to add to my line from those 2 companies.

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re/ah i've tried alot of their oils & all have been wonderful. i just hate the $2.00 handling charge they tack onto the already high shipping.

i haven't had any luck with js's oils in gb415 soy. unless she has upped the quality of her oils i will continue to spend my money for awesome oils.

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I prefer AH/RE over JS because the quality of the FO's is *much* better. You won't be disappointed!

The Kickin' Caramel is fantastic. I like it better than the Caramel Sensations and it's less expensive. The Yuzu is sweet and tart at the same time, it's a great scent. The Welcome Home is a great holiday scent. Some other favorites are Dreamcatcher, Orchid Rain, and Green Tea & Cucumber.

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I have tested 2 of these from JS..

Mojito Cocktail - This is strong in soy and I like it... :wink2:

I have a handful of customer who love it this scent. :D

Others really make a face when they smell it and hate it!!!:shocked2:

I will see how it sells this summer and see if I am going to keep it..:cool2:

Pumpkin Pie Spice - Another vote for this! :cool2:

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I've ordered from AH only a couple of times, the Welcome Home was very good,it's an apple scent and I used it for some tarts.I also got Celtic Moon and Amish Quilt both were very good . They are very warm/baked type fragrances.

I order quite a bit from JS,but not any of the ones you've mentioned. My personal faves are: Coffee cake and spice,Caramel Cinnamon Latte (YUMM),warm vanilla sugar, gingersnaps.


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I love & use both places, but I'm only making B&B products, no wax. For B&B they are both TOPS/EXCELLENT! Put yourself on the Just Scent email newsletter & every Friday night or Saturday Morning they will send you an email telling you of the new weekly sale, that changes every week. I just love JS for b&b. As for Aroma Haven, I can't wait for them to have another sample sale because there are alot more I still want to sniff!

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