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Soaping Tutorials~ need feedback, please


Tutorial Options  

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  1. 1. Tutorial Options

    • Creative MP
    • Pourable HP [Crockpot]
    • Certified Organic CP or HP
    • How to use Soap Calculator
    • Supermarket Soap [only grocery oils]
    • Layered CP
    • Milk Salt Bars
    • Cold Process- Oven Process [CPOP]
    • Natural Colorants/Essential Oils CP [Vegan Soap]
    • Seizure Free CP with Fast Tracing FO [RT CP]

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I've made it so you can pick multiple choices, keep the votes coming. Please post if you are interested in Cream soap since I am obviously brain dead. LOL!! :shocked2:

If it makes you feel any better I had this bright idea that someone could do a liquid soap tutorial. (I scare myself sometimes)

Maybe a certain soaper would like to do a tutorial on how they do those lovely creative tops to the CP soap they do. That is if they would like to share.

One other suggestion, handmade clear soap. I've done the turn your scrap CP into translucent soap but not totally from scratch.

Karen B

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You know, I would have voted for cream soap and whipped soap, but it wasn't there lol.

What's this pie soap stuff?

And I actually would like to do shaving soaps ... but that's just me or facials soaps or kitchen soaps/soaps with scrubbies, soaps with curls and what not ... various techniques for decorating a soap ... using M&P and CP together ... K I'm done lol.

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The only picture I can find is Soap in the city's avatar. I hope she doesn't mind me mentioning it :o .

It's soap that looks like a cream pie that you sell by the slice. Tooo cute!

What's this pie soap stuff?

ETA: I messed up Scented's quote :(

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I would like to see cream soap definitely.

I checked creative MP - I would love to do more with mp than just swirl and regular bars.

Also pourable HP - for me any HP would be good as I've only attempted it a couple of times, and I just can't wrap my head around how to do it... LOL (they didn't turn out at all)

Layered CP - I've done it before but would love to see how other's do it to see if there is an easier way! LOL

And I also checked Milk Salt bars. I do GM soap all the time, but a GM salt bar sounds LOVERLY!!! :)

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