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Cuts, faces, ghosts etc.


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First up are the cuts of the Flora Magi. Still a fun floral scent!


Now the patch amber. This is what that flaming red mix chilled down to lol ... still has sparklies in it and the hot mama didn't go orange.


Here are some faces. I think it's the fifth one counting top/across/next row/across etc. that has the shadowed head of a dog (IMO) and the back side. (It's in the upper right corner lol)

I think the fourth one I'll call the procession. The top two make me think of theatre masks ...

OH, yes, the third ... a sheep in shades ... ha ha

The sixth, a bunch of clown faces.


And another two bars. The second (front) I believe is haunted.






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Scented, they all look great! I'm really liking the colors/swirls in the first one. Very spring looking. And I'll take your word for the 3rd batch and the dog head shadow. I see a bee hiding behind a blade of grass in the second column (right hand side bars), the second soap, left hand bottom corner of the bar. See those two big bee eyes? LOL (of course I see something in the top bars, but I'm pretty sure I can't type it here)

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You mean my procession soap? LOL! I think I saw those bee eyes as mittens lol.

Yep, the procession one. I see the head and body of a bee. He's got not wings though, but I'm ok with that :cheesy2:

Ah, today I see the sheep in sunglasses in the bar before the bee one :cool2:

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