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African red palm oil


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Here's info on the red palm. I didn't realize the SAP was so high. When I used it, I just used the SAP for regular palm, but I had a high superfat in that particular recipe, so it turned out ok. I use it in my deer tallow soaps.


Edited because I forgot to add the link!

I believe the SAP listed there is the KOH SAP, not the NaOH one. Which is why it looks so high. It should be the same as regular palm (which has a KOH SAP of 0.199). (Oh and on the AK info the decimal is missing...)

ETA: Soapers Choice has the same SAP range for all varieties of Palm Oil (red,organic, regular, homo) at 0.144 - 0.203)

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I used it at 40% (room temp) on Thursday night and it turned out well. As soon as I poured the lye water, it thickend but still used the stick blender for about a minute until it traced. I held my breath while adding the FO but it did well. I used Peach Magnolia Raspberry from tncandlesupply. As soon as my daughter brings the battery for the camera home, I will post a picture in the gallery.

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