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I got a kick out of this

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I was at a supplier today. I was ust wandering around and noticed that they had a few 10# boxes labeled "feathering wax". It also said "requires special wicking". I asked the girl who worked there if it was palm wax because that is the only feathering wax that I know and she said, not get this, "I don't know, they don't tell us what they put in the wax." I could have died.

She then told me that they had a sample pillar of it and low and behold it was feathering palm pillar wax, just like CS. Half of the pillar didn't have the feathering design since it was obviously poured too cold. The people who worked there had no idea how to wick it or how to pour it. They didn't even know that it was palm.

I am a newbie at this, but I felt good that I knew something that this supplier didn't. I told the salesgirl that in my testing CD and CDN wicks work the best with palm and that it has to be poured very hot and into heated containers or molds to acheive that beautiful pattern.

How can you sell something and know NOTHING about it? I thought it was funny and had to share. Thanks to candletech for making me so well informed.

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