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CSN vs CD or LX wicks?

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Upon searching for Glass Glow wicking am I correct in my research that CSN's are comparable to CD's except for the acid in the CSN's coating? I got some glass glow from the classy's but don't have the CSN wicks yet. I want to play and have both CD and LX wicks. Would a CD 12 be a good starting point for a container 2.75" diameter? or possibly a LX18?

TIA =) Blessings ~ Brenda

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Yep on the 12 - that's what I would try. Dunno about the rest.

CSNs are made for CS by Wedo and treated to resist acids according to the specs that CS requested. CDs and CDNs are made by Heinz-Verhaegh (Heinz Jansen Technical Braiding) and are now called Stabilo and Stabilo KST. CDNs (KSTs) are treated to resist acidity. CDs are not treated.

This site


and this one


both have great information about many different kinds of wicks which helps when trying to compare features, etc. CS has a good description for their CSNs if memory serves... HTH :)

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Oh THANKS !!! Got the wax melted and the jars wicked . . .I'll post my results :yes: I was so hoping that I would get a response before the wax hit the pour pitcher. This PaLm (GG) is a whole new exciting test run for me. Wish me luck !

I am thinking I'll pour Mango Papaya from SS with a coral color in a balmora type of jar. Don't have much wax so I will be just playing "for me" in one jar hoping to break the ice, get a good ~ feel ~ , if you know what I mean :meditate: I'll post a pic if I remember how . . .

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I will be just playing "for me" in one jar hoping to break the ice, get a good ~ feel ~

:laugh2:You just can't HELP it, can you?

The wax is calling, "Meellllllltttt Meeeeeeeee!!!! Pooouuuurrrrrr Meeeeeeee!!!:laugh2:It sounds like fun - I hope you do remember how and post a pic! :)

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She is poured !!!!! I just spent the evening watching her cool. :whistle: This wax is SO "sweet" . . . 1st born container palm and I am in love with how easy it was to work with ! This isn't a "studio" type pic but one still in the cooling stage. I am SO curious if the CD 12 wick (twisted) will work, I'll give it all day tomorrow to cure - if I can wait . . .he hee



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She's hooked, y'all. :laugh2::yay::laugh2:

Hooked ??? Oh Yes, very possible . . . ;)

I have got my fingers crossed that the CD 12 will work OK. If it doesn't then atleast I'll have a starting point to go from until the CSN's get here. The cold throw this morning is AWESOME ! :drool: Now if I can patiently wait to fire her up :waiting: . Patience is NOT my forte . . .:P:rolleyes:

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