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Astorlite V problems

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I use astorlite v for votives and I hate it but want to use up what I have. I always use CD-5 or zinc wicks with this wax but it seems that the cd-5 and one of the zincs won't burn good and the other zinc seems a little too hot. Those are the only types of wicks I currently have and I don't want to just order a few wicks due to high shipping prices. I mixed some container wax with it (12oz. astorlite v and 4 oz. container wax) but didn't seem to help. The oils I used was NG Monkey Farts and Strawberry Jam from somewhere. Any advice? What is a good paraffin wax for votives? I hate making votives but alot of people like them. Help me please.

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I use IGI 4625 for my pillars and votives and the CD 5 wick just about always works in my votives. hth

And yes - know what you mean about the votives. Here lately that is what I have been making the most of. Yeah - I hate making them also

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I used to use Astor V. It's a different type of wax (texture a little weird), but it did have good scent throw; plus, being able to get it in pellet form from Alabaster was nice. If I remember correctly, I used zincs and cd's both successfully. I got disgusted with the metal molds, so I use a straight paraffin/4627 blend now and pour the 3 oz votives in Dixie cups. I'm going to give that silicone-type mold from BC a try if they ever get it back in; I've been checking almost daily for two weeks and it's still oos.:tongue2: Hope it's soon, cause I desperately need wick stick'ums also.

Ginger, if you nail it down to a few sizes you'd like to try, pm me and I'll send you a handful if I have them. Don't have any low smokes, though; sorry.

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