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Has anyone tried this

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I needed more ok 6228 so I called my normal supplier tristate candle supply.

They said that the ok 6228 has changed its name to something I can't remember. I never had this happen so I was afraid to buy it. Then the lady told me that they have something new and it performs just like the 6228 and is also granulated and is cheaper. She said that is what they are using now. I got excited and decided to try it. It is called tri 6380 i have searched the net but i only get tri state selling it. I have been using it and have pulled the switch on a few of my long term testers so far they haven't said anything like this batch isn't as strong or they are weak if anything the cold throw is better. But because I know I switched I keep thinking it isn't as good as before. "You are your worst critic" Has anyone else used this wax yet. Do you think it performs as well as 6228. I always added 25% j50 to my batches of wax as well. I have also noticed my tops come out flatter now than before too. No more small dips that only bug me of course. There is that critic thing again. Some input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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