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How do you word your labels for this ingred?


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I don't use it. I use lard, which has no fancy INCI name, so ... my take is call it all by the INCI name or by what it is in the everyday world. On my labels, hydrogenated vegetable oil is just too long, but vegetable shortening isn't as long.

I'm not much for Animal Kadunkadunk and really think a person with no experience in the area shouldn't be commenting on it much less just trying to be funny about it and labeling. It serves no purpose, but then that's me.

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Personally I'd say "partially hydrogenated deodorized vegetable oil (or blends)" depending on the type you're using...

5.2 Type I. The general purpose shortening shall consist only of partially hydrogenated deodorized vegetable oil or blends of vegetable oils. The product shall not contain antioxidants or antifoaming agents.

5.3 Type II. The bakery (emulsifier-type) shortening shall contain vegetable fats and oils, which have been deodorized. The fats and oils shall have been processed by hydrogenation. The product may contain antioxidants. Antifoaming agents shall not be incorporated into the product. The shortening shall contain mono- and diglycerides in the amount specified in Table I.

Excerpt from...


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Sorry I forgot...it is 100% veg. shortening...

I love lard in my soaps too Scented...

But really what I am doing too...is labeling all the soaps I have made so far and taking one of each and putting in a shoe box...I want to see how they are in 6 months..1 yr..

If beyond 1 yr...I would say a person is really wanting to save it for some reason..

Thanks for all the replys...

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