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Anyone Familiar w/Adobe...I need help!


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I have Adobe photoshop 5.0 and I want to resize a couple labels that are just the background. I have 2 backgrounds...one is 2x4 and one is 2x3. I need to end up with a 1.5x1.5. When I go into resize, it of course will not let me resize either of these labels to that size. I need a 1.5x1.5 because that is the size that fits on my little 1 oz's and i use the primera and have that size in stock! Am I trying to do something here that just isn't possible?? TIA for any and all help!

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Are you trying to change a pdf or something?

Is this what you are doing...

Click on your label, then...

On your toolbar click on ...


On the drop down menu click on...

-Show Transform (or it may say Hide Transform)

A window will then pop up with 3 different tabs (Info, Transform, and Align). When you are in the Transform tab there will be a box within the box. Look on the left side of the box with a "W:" beside it. That is for the width. Type in 1.5. There will also be a box with an "H:". That is for the height. Type in 1.5. Your label should now be resized.

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That could be.

Does your version at least have a "ruler" option? If so, you can create a box or draw 2 lines, one horizontal and one vertical that measures 1.5". Then you will be able to use your re-sizing tool to shrink the label down to fit within those dimensions.

Also, check your pm's.

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