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Clamshells and Bags ??


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can some one tell me where the cheapest place for clamshells and bags for your products for home parties and shows ?

WSP's has the clamshells i think 25 for $6.50 for the 6 cavity..anyplace cheaper ?

also i use ezsoy does anyone use this wax with the clamshells ? are the melts easy enough to get out of them without breaking them or them sticking?

and i need to find a place that sells just regular plastic handled bags for the candles or any product to go into when someone buys them, lol handing them their order in walmart bags isnt the prettiest haha..

ok i found some bags, but what is the difference between high density and low density ?? which one should i get? i found this place papermart, but not sure what bags to get i make 8 ounce jj candles and melts and soaps and b&b so the heaviest item would be candle... sorry if so many questions but i have a million types of bags i am looking at and with gauges and all that i have no idea what it means, but im sure some of you do lol

TIA, Dee

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On the bags, I would try Nashville Wraps, they were the cheapest for me when I was looking, I can't remember the density that I purchased though, I am sorry. You might look at Sam's Wholesale??? I did not think of them when I purchased mine from Nashville Wraps.

As far as the clamshells, I did purchase mine from WSP about a year ago. I poured blueberry muffin in them, which is my favorite FO. Let them cure for about 2 weeks and when I went to take them out, it did not smell like the blueberry muffin, it had a chemical smell or something. I poured some candles the same time I poured the clamshells and the candles came out fine. So, I don't know what happened there. If you have not tried their blueberry muffin FO you will need too. It is my number one seller, men and women love this. I work in an office during the day and I am always burning it, we have 12 people in our office and everyone loves this, even the customers that come in ask about what fragrance it is. Naturally, I tell them, I have been told that it has a little of cake bake FO in it. I have actually sent a sample off it off to a Company, so I could maybe get them to match the FO and possibly purchase it a little cheaper, but they could not get the scent wright. Sorry, I got off of the subject. :smiley2:

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I've never bought mine from WSP, but that would be a good starting point till someone does another co op on here.

Or you could as on the classified section to see if anybody has any extra they might want to get rid of.

Bags, what type of bags are you looking for? Cello bags, Nashville wraps has variety but if you order the minimum you get charged a handling fee on top of the shipping.

If you go to your local dollar store or party place you could find alot of nice cello bags. And also there is Cello In a Box on the net, they have a nice variety of cello bags, they don't have a minimum, and they accept paypal. I'm in no way shape or form affliated with them, I do buy from them because I love their spring floral bags that I can't find anywhere else on the net.

Knock on wood, I have never had problems with a chemical smell with my clamshells yet and I have been using them for almost 3 yrs.


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Hi Dee...

Try Millcreek for your clamshells. 100 for $23.75. I usually get 400 for $90.25.

Makes them much cheaper. There are co-op frequently. If you don't need that many made you could place an ad on the classies and split an order.

If you only need 25-50, I would be happy to part with some. I always have plenty on hand.



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