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Polka Dot CP-Wildberry Musk


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Ok, thought I would try some sort of design, but didn't know if it would work since my colored portions usually get so thick. I took Barb's advice and added a bit of water to it and it helped a LOT (thanks Barb! :) ).

I decided to make some polka dots, and using a a bulb syringe (the kind they give out when kids get medicine) and it worked pretty good, not great like SoapFreak's masterpieces, but it's a start! ;)

Whaddya think?


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Those look really nice...congratulations

SoapFreak has really put alot of pressure on us...:)

She has hasn't she? :tongue2:

Today 12:40 PMLivelovebathOh very fun! I too am just waiting on my micas to play with some dotted soap... Soapfreak has really steped up us soapers lol.

I love how these turned out and the thin layer in the middle of colour is very nice accent. Great job hun!

Oh I cannot WAIT until I get mine as well, hopefully today-I tracked those buggers and they are here in town so they'd BETTER be delivered today, so I can PLAY TONIGHT! :D

The Scent is Wildberry Musk from Peak-soaped like a dream!

Thanks for the compliments. :)

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Very pretty Michi I like the poka dots and I am glad the little bit of water in the dye worked for you. I too am waiting on some micas and oxides from TKB I could never be like Soapfreak she is the best out there and very creative. I take my hat of to you Kristy. LOL I wish I could make my soaps half as pretty as SF.

Barbara AL

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