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Any advice on buying a wax melter?

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Hello everyone, I would like to get into candle making to sell along with my honey at a farmers market. I would like to hear any advice you may have as far as deciding on what type of wax melter to get, in particular what size, brands, and on the method of heating. I'm actualy thinking about buying a direct heat melter in the 18 or 40 quart size although I have really no experience to base this on. Do thoughs sizes seam big to you? I could buy a smaller size, the cost is about the same from one size to another. Thanks you for your time. - Mark

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Mark ~If you are just starting out, you might want to start with a smaller melter.

Presto Pots are a great starting point.

Here is a link to a past discussion. Also do a search on presto pots and wax melters and lots of information will come up for you..


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Most of us started with a Presto or something similar. My personal choice would be a Dazey pot if you can find one, they're better IMO. In my case it became too small very quickly, so I eventually got a Masterbuilt turkey fryer, which holds more wax. If you expect to keep at it, buy the biggest pot you can right up front.


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