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If you were going to make the most


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Decident soap just for your self...What would your ingrediants be?

I am not asking for your recipe...and if it is a no no to ask a question like this..tell me..My feelings will not be hurt...But....

I am almost 55 I need alot of moisture for my skin...it is already dry and itchy this winter...

I am a newbie soap maker, but am having a blast doing it..

I was thinking along the lines of..









Do you have some others that you would think would even be better?

and I am not sure what other soft oils to put with this..

I think it would be fun if after the hoidays we tried to make a soap that would be a luxury soap, one that we would not probably sell, but make just for ourselves....and do a swap...Give me some feedback on this,,what do you think...

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I won't use soap on a regular basis anymore if it doesn't have goat's milk in it. The more I've learned about GM, the more I am convinced that it is the absolute best thing I can do for my skin! :) So.. for me.. Goat's milk, and emu oil. As long as those two are in it, the soap will be perfect.

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I'm always on a journey to find and make the most moisturizing soap. A dear friend used this recipe in one of the swaps I was in. And I was speechless. The lather is out of this world... bubbly and creamy, and it's the most moisturizing CP soap I ever used in my entire life. :) It does take a little more time to harden up... but it's worth it. Plus, it's an extra easy recipe.


I try to stay away from some luxury oils for soap, the prices are :shocked2: outrageous!!!

But I've used Avocado, Apricot Kernel, Safflower, and Sunflower in some of my recipes with good results.

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I realize this isn't going to fit, but frankly ... the most decadent soap would include a shoulder massage lol!

I finally get a non-milk bar where I want it and now I have to see how it behaves with GM and even Emu and I hate to use Emu, because I'm not convinced it will live through the process.

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All these suggestions sound good...

I have some curing right now with lard and GM...can't wait to see how they are...I have been making several with GM..and also I made one with soured Half & Half..I can't wait for that one to cure...That is the only problem,,I still am waiting for all my soaps to cure...

I am having fun with the soap calc...it is fun seeing what number you can get on it...

I signed up for the free trial for soapmaker..I just can't seem to figure that one out..

Well keep in mind for the luxury soap swap...I think it would be fun..

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Dry skin: Olive (lots of it), shea, castor, and a touch of palm kernel for hardness & bubbles. I developed my shea butter soap for my dry skin, and this is what I use in it. For an extra kick, use GM for the liquid.

This soap is my staple in winter and I sell a lot of it. I just made 7+ lbs. the other day. It is a soft bar at first because of all the liquid oils, but that's what it takes when you've got dry skin, IMO. Lots of liquid oils and light on the hard oils, which tend to be cleansing and not very conditioning.


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I make a facial bar that includes avocado oil, kokum, mink oil & emu oil. It's sinfully rich.

I know you missed me sinking my face through the monitor for a try!

So you add emu to your soaps. Are you doing it after trace to try to keep as much of the properties in?

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I know you missed me sinking my face through the monitor for a try!

So you add emu to your soaps. Are you doing it after trace to try to keep as much of the properties in?

The Mink & the Emu are both at a little over 9%. I added them in with my other oils, as I don't think the lye really discriminates too much, JMO.

I have a couple Emu recipes, using anywhere from 20-30%. One contains Mango Butter & Avocado Oil at pretty high percentages too.

I love the Emu in soap. I need to make more for the upcoming dry skin season.

ETA: Here's a really nice recipe from Carrie posted last year


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I have to get some of this things to make me some soap..I really don't care if they do cost more to make...if they feel good to my skin...I need all the moisture on it I can get.,,

I do have a one curing right now, that (I hope) will be a good one...

Some of you with much more soap making experiance, pick it apart for me

if you see something I could have done better...I did make it with oils I have on hand..I will be getting some of the oils and butters that you have mentioned..Some I have never heard of..

25% Coconut

20% Shea

19% Olive

15% Rice Bran

10% Cocoa Butter

6% Castor Oil

5% Meadowfoam

Hardness 42

Cleansing 18

Condition 53

Bubbly 22

Creamy 30

Iodine 60

INS 144

To this I added

1/2 tbsp salt

1 tbsp sugar


And made it with goat milk and water...I used just enought water to dissolve my silk and salt and sugar...

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