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Just invented me a candle incuubator!!!

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I'm sure there are many who have done this themselves but my husband has been laughing at me for the last 20 minutes because of it.

I took the box my molds came in this morning and cut open both ends. Then i made a pillar. It's kind of cold here in Wisconsin tonight and my kitchen is the worse part of the house so I was worried about climate control. (I have 3 sweatshirts on myself!) So I put the box over the mold, flaps outward against the counter. Then I closed the top flaps, wrapped a hand towel around the bottom flaps to block drafts and draped a towel on top to keep cold out. Now my pillar went night- night for the evening!

See..... he's still laughing!

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Yup it worked. Good looking pillar, now I just got to test it. I will post the pic tomorrow. Gots lots to do tonight. Glad I am not the only candle incubator inventer amongst chandler land! LMAO!

I used to put them in the microwave but wasn't good enough I guess.

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