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Best place to get cdn

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Gdawg, I didn't realize they were more expensive - I thought they used to be the same price at JBN, but it looks like they have discontinued CDs, so I dunno...

I don't mean to sound like a promoter :embarasse - I have had such good luck with these that when I hear others with soy or palm candles struggling with wicking, I gotta tell 'em about CDNs. We used hemp VERY briefly and didn't like them much but when I read the specs on these wicks, it only made sense to try them and we haven't looked back! The only CDs I use are the ones smaller than size 8 (which JBN doesn't carry at present but I'm always hopeful!). CDs and CDNs (Stabilo and Stabilo KST) are identical except that CDNs have been treated to resist acids found in veggie wax... go HERE to access the Heinz-Verhaegh site (the manufacturer of Stabilo series wicks - CDs and CDNs), then click on "Wick Application Chart" for info on these wicks. While there, click on "All About The Wick" for a ton of great information on wicks in general.

Because I have not compared them side-by-side with CDs or other wick types, all I can tell you is how they perform for me in my narrow set of applications. Some folks say they think CDNs burn hotter than CDs - they might, but I do not know from personal experience.

What sold me on trying these wicks was that they were engineered for viscous waxes, especially veggie waxes AND they are treated to resist the acids commonly found in veggie wax candles (stearic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, etc.). That last part is why I chose the "N" variety. I figgered I'd need all the help I could get wicking veggie wax candles!:laugh2:

I don't know if CDNs will bring about world peace or anything, but they have saved me a lot of wicking headaches I see others suffering from! :D

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