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Have you ever had this happen?(pic)

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It IS more of a soot issue I think. That is what it looks like. It isn't a heavy oil. It's Downy clean breeze(NG). And this particular candle I backed down to 7% (I normally use 8%). In fact this is the second tester, the first had 8% that is why I went down in this one. I can't imagine why this is happening. Only one other scent has done this, and only at the very end. I'm using pryme dyes (always have) and I do stir very well. Like I said, this never happened with my old wax and none of the others with this wax. Am very stumped on this one:confused:

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I've had that happen once. It was in a square jar I was testing & the sooting happened before the candle had burned low enough to create a chimney effect.

After the first burn the top of the candle was very mucky. I remember the scent was Sandalwood Rose from Solas but I can't remember the wick I used & there was no dye.

I don't like that scent & the jars were a nightmare so I gave up on that idea.

The wax was Ecosoya Cb135 btw.

Not much help am I but at least you know you're not alone with this.


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