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Yay!!!! I did it!


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Well not perfect of course but better than I was getting. Perfect to me is no wet or sweat looking spots. Good smell. Even color. The wax isn't shrinking from the container. I used white and just a touch of blue to make a bright "Snow" white. (I hope anyway)

I work in the paint department at Walmart and color matching and experimenting comes easily to me now! *Wink* *Wink*

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Coconut Blend Container Wax -

Temper the wax? You mean watch the temp? When you say burn it, what do you mean? This is actually a gift for someone so I don't want to burn it if I don't have to.

Sorry for all the questions. I'm new at this. I melted it to 170 then poured it at 140.

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Test burn the candle to make sure it burns correctly or even at all...lol. You are supposed to test each fragrance, color, wax, wick combo you have. Keep good notes on what you use and how much of each you use so you can duplicate it. With each new batch of wax it would be very WISE to test the wax to make sure the characteristics are the same as previous batches.

Do you wanna give a gift to someone and the wick drowns out within 30 mins and the candle is no good? Or it burns straight down the middle like a $1 store candle. Or it does not have a hot throw when burning and all they smell is hmmmm, nothing.

I am not too familiar with Coconut wax - but would assume it has similar characteristics as soy. If you search the board for tempering you will find some information.

I see you just asked about this wax today. So I am going to make a assumption that you have not test burned a candle from beginning to end in the last 3-7 hours (according to your posting time).

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it may look perfect and I surely hope it is. I've made some perfectly lovely candles too!

Sadly when I burned them I discovered I was no where near done! First I had a heck of a time finding a wick that gave me a good melt pool without a humongous flame... Then I got a lovely flame and melt pool only to find that I got no scent off the candle as it burned (no hot throw).

Played with wax, wicks, FOs, additives... all for one lousy candle LOL!

Finally got one maybe figured out, and tried a second FO... Tunneled down... need to start my wick-experiments again!

You are not done, sadly, till you have burned a candle top to bottom, in the right increments (and in in-advisable ones too just to be on the safe side).

This candle making thing is HARD!!!

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