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lotions , what size?


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4 oz bottles has ALWAYS been my best seller. Only repeat business typically will ask for anything larger. And smaller was just to difficult price wise.

I've always used natural HDPE bottles (not malibus) with disk caps, and never had a problem with squeezability. I made the decision originally to go with bottles over malibus because of labeling issues. Unless the malibus are screen printed, the labels always seem to either be a major PITA, or flat out don't look good. I've always been able to get a much more professional looking label on a bottle, rather than a malibu.

It's the PET bottles that aren't squeezable. Any of the _DPEs will be squeezable (H, M or L - High, Medium and Low Density). The H is the least squeezable, the L the most squeezable. But high levels of FO or EO will eat the plastic, especially on the L & M, so HDPE is what is usually recommended. I've only used MDPE on small sample bottles, just because you need it more squeezy so you can get the goods out! LOL!

Okay, I need to go before my spell check flags any more versions of squeeze in this post! LOL!

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