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question about white


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I hope I can explain this right, here goes. You need to start with a clearer FO not too dark, nothing will "clean up" a FO that is turning a wax darker. There are additives that will make a transparent wax more opaque, this can give you a nice white looking wax. I found out of all the additives vybar and luster crystals give you the best "white look". vybar and stearic is 2nd, it's probably just me (I walk that fine line to totally insane) but I think stearic yellows the wax a tiny bit.

Of course it's just dawning on me your making pine cones so it you're going to order additives and it's not going to get burned you could go with white pigment or TD. (but only if it's not going to be burned that stuff clogs wicks)

Karen B

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Is there an additive that makes wax more white? Like doing pine cones...I'd like the wax to be whiter and I don't have any white dye. TIA

I have some white dye blocks (one unused, one partially) and I don't need it- I use soy so my wax is white already. :) If you want it, just let me know and all I'd ask is for exact shipping.

Or you can get some at AC Moore or another craft store.

Tryin to help. :)


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