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Anyone Try These From ScentWorks


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Okay, I thought I would try a new fine mist spray bottle, so I ordered these from scentworks:


It says on the site that it has a fine mist sprayer which is what I need for my body spray. Well I got them and it doesn't come out fine...it comes out gloopy like serum. They told me it must be my recipe...it's just cyclo and scent with ratio of 5 to 1 (cyclo to scent) ...and it works with their black fine mist sprayers??? They then asked me to send a photo which I did and they said they sent me the wrong ones...they sent me serum/lotion ones and that they would send me replacements and pick the others up.

Well I got the new ones and they are the same thing:confused: So, I emailed them back and didn't get a response, so after several days, I emailed again asking for a response. Well they seem irritated and said they are sorry that they are not working with my formula...it is cyclo I bought from them and their scent...nothing abnormal about it...and there is no supplier that will guarantee any product to work with every possible combination of ingredients or containers....and she attached their return policy with the restocking fee. So I asked if they could just send me their black fine mist sprayers that I use but I don't want to pay a restocking fee for something that they have mislabeled. Even when you put water in it, it doesn't spray ...it blobs out in big squirts. She said she would call to talk to me but I didn't get a call. If I don't hear from her tomorrow, I will call.

This is the first time in 7 years I have had a problem with a supplier...has anyone else tried these?:confused:

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Glad that they responded and admitted their error.

I found with these particular tops (using SW's bottoms) you need to align them level first, press down and then twist to tighten. If you don't, they will leak. Encountered same problem with the smooth black fine misters also. The threading between the tops and metal bottoms were not an exact match. The stock I had goes back around 6 months ago, so it is possible that the problem was corrected.

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