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Curing soaps & wood buring heat!

Fire and Ice

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As many on here know, I'm researching making CP soap but an interesting question just popped into my head so I better ask before making the huge investment opny to discover that due to my heating methods, CP soap will not work.

I heat my log cabin with wood heat, which all I use. I have a wood buner on the first floor of my cabin and one in the basement. My cabin is very small and there is no place to place soap for cuing where the heat doesn't reach. This is an exteamly DRY heat so how would that effect curing or making CP soap?

I will add that I DO NOT always fire the wood burner in my basement and it very cold down there but I do fire it when it gets extreamely cold.

There is not closet space in this cabin either except for a small area under the staircase to the loft.

Will dry, hot heat like this mean my bars will crack?I'VE MADE NO CP SOAP YET but I would like to. The investment in the proper equipment will be just that and I don't want to waste the money if I can't cure the bars properly or have inferior product to sell.

Thanks for advice,


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sorry to hijack this thread...

I don't know much about making soap-my mom makes it, but I wanted to say that you are so lucky to live in a log cabin with wood heat. That is my "dream" when I retire. To move somewhere remote, with a little stream or pond, lots of trees, wildlife, etc. That would be the life. Of course, I would still need electricity to make candles and use my computer, lol!! I'd be lost without my computer. Can live without the phone though... I rarely use it unless I have to!!

I've had wood heat a few places we've lived and I love it. It is work getting all the wood for the heater, but there is NOTHING like wood heat. I remember growing up, us kids would sit right in front of the fireplace in the winter. we had 2 of them-none upstairs though, some came up through the vent in the floor to my room, but both of my brother's rooms were cold-so they had to have baseboard heaters. We had one "traditional" type, and one that you could "sit" on - we'd lay our clothes on top of it and warm them up before getting dressed.

Would love to see pics of your cabin if you'd care to share!! Is it something you had built or did your purchase it?

good luck with your soap making adventure!!

ok, done with the hijacking!! carry on.:P

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