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Sandalwood EO


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Hi there.

This is my first post here, and i hope I'm not stepping on any toes or speaking out of turn.

Sandalwood EO is divine, but it just isn't ecologically responsible to use. It has been harvested almost to the point of extinction. Some sources list amyris eo as a substitution for sandalwood. I disagree, and amyris is also a threatened species so that doesn't help much.

Unless you are married to the idea of using strictly eo's (as I am) I would suggest finding a good fo dupe of East Indian sandalwood.


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Hmmm...I've never tried to replicate sandalwood, but V. cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and amber might give you something in the right vein. Might even throw in a tiny bit of clove. Of course with the rising price of patch and the already high prices of vanilla absolute and amber, I'm not sure if that would save you any money at all.

I may have to play around with this myself after the holiday show season is over.


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SweetCakes Sandalwood FO is a great straight sandalwood if you'd be willing to consider using an FO.

Rainbow Meadow sells a plantation grown sandalwood that's very nice. http://www.rainbowmeadow.com/Cart/item.asp?id=109&hdr=Essential%20Oils

New Directions sells a plantation grown sandalwood that's nice too.


They are expensive, but worth it for some applications IMO.

Both these are straight EOs not blended already with a carrier oil.

Sometimes there's just no worthy substitute for the real thing. :( Good luck in your quest!

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