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Anchor vs Libbey Glass Sizing


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Another observation.... I have ordered from Anchor in the past and when I compare 8 oz jars or larger between the 2 companies, Anchor has larger glass and is better priced...

Has anyone else noticed this and if so do you have a preference for Anchor??? I was thinking of selling an upper end candle for spas and the average price of these candles for 7 oz tumblers is $21.95 on up... yes I know its high but that it was alot of companies are doing.... when I got the 7.5 oz and 9 oz and 110z jars from Libbey this week, they were alot smaller than the anchor jar..

Is anyone else selling a 7oz or 9 oz jar to spas for $21.95 and are you using Libbey or Anchor's glass??????

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated please...


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