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Need help Renaming Cornucopia


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When customers see the name they don't bother to even smell it. They just give me this weird look. And plus I love this scent so much I want to sell it all through out the yr.

So can you help me rename it??

Description of it is: crisp apples, pears, plum, grapes, nuts, and hints of caramel


Mindy :)

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Cornucopia makes me automatically think of fall & Thanksgiving, so I'd naturally go with something related to that:

Fall Harvest

Fall Bounty

Bountiful Harvest

Harvest Bounty

Blessed Harvest

Harvest Blessings

To name it for year round might be hard for me, so I'd maybe just call it "Blessings".

That name shouldn't naturally bring ideas to somebody's mind like a fruit, vanilla, etc. fragrance name would do, so hopefully they'd be more likely to pick it up and sniff it :)

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I like Soapmoms suggestions. Especially liking the idea of 'Bountiful' or 'Bountiful Blessings'. Or 'Bountiful Basket'. To me Bountiful is so generic like Soapmam says... that it would not sway them to think one way or the other about it with out sniffing.

I haven't smelled it myself, but if the caramel in it gives it a warmth or butteryness at all, you could call it 'Orchard Creme'. If not, if it is more sweet maybe 'Sweet Orchard' since almost everything in it grows in that type of a setting. Or 'Sweet Grove'... or.... 'Orchard Harvest' actually sounds like a good name for it as well as Creative's suggestion of 'Autumn Orchard'. I like that one. Just depends on how strong the nut and caramel is in it.

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