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Babassu Oil

Barbara AL

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I third nominate Columbus Foods! Mike is great and shipping is super fast! I bought my first gallon last week. I ordered one day and got the shipment of 4 oils on the 3rd day after I turned in the order! The order arrived before my credit card was charged! Great looking BO too, gotta make soap this weekend with it! After over 2 years of making soap, just now trying BO is a shame!


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I had never used Babassu either, got it in my columbus foods co-op and I tell you....once you use it, there is no looking back!!!

I should of actually gotten more....

And I agree Paul, Mike is one terrific guy, he has been soaping for 15+ years and is a true soapaholic.

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I wish I had bought more things in your co-op to Dejae...

Do you use the babassu in place of the PKO?

I only got a small amount of PKO..

I didn't really know what I was even doing,,

when I bought all that stuff..lol

I just knew I wanted to make soap...

LOL I probably still don't know what I am doing..

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Wow. I see the difference in prices now. But CF doesn't offer smaller than 7lbs. Some oils I use, I don't NEED 7lbs. of it! LOL I'm killin' myself to find storage room now for all the stuff I have. LOL I don't use babassu oil anymore in my soap recipes, only in a few select other recipes, so I don't need much of it (I hate to have that much oil sitting in the cabinet for God know's how long... my storage space is limited and precious).

But for the oils I DO need 7lbs. of... I might have to check CF out. :)

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