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Pillar makers, help please!


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Hi all, I'm testing a different paraffin than the one I was using: finally I can buy at very low prices, so I need to switch. The paraffin I was using before has a 133-136 MP, this one has a 136-140 MP.

I make rustic pillars, never had a problem, but this time with this new paraffin the pillars don't come out of the molds. The problem is that in some point the "frost" stays attached to the mold. Also, the "frost" is very thick. The one I could take out had almost all the frosting broke.

I'm doing the same things I always do, I don't use any mold release, the mold is clean and so on.

I pour at 150F. As always. Also when the wax is still in the pot to cool a bit, it start to congeal in the bottom. It doesn't become slushy or so, just a little piece becomes solid. So I stir and stir, then when I pour it doesn't seem to be so cold, it doesn't make any air bubble for example. I'm getting mad! I added 6% stearine and 5% FO.

Please, any idea?


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Hi Sabrina, great news that you can get your wax cheaper, but what a pain to have to start experimenting again, when you had such a hit with the other wax. Hope you have success with increasing the pouring temp - let us know how you get on.

Yes!! With tax ID there are less limits now.

But it's really a pain testing again, not remelted that pillar yet, but I'll post here if things are ok!

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