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Black Bits in the Presto Pot - Unscientific Info


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Sorry it's taken so long to get back with all of the data I've collected but sometimes real life comes between me & my projects. Anyway I've discovered there is no one cause for the black bits but there are a variety of possible reasons.

- There was a slightly higher reporting of this problem in the older pots - however, some of the newer ones also had these "black bits." The older ones may be breaking down - as would be expected with high usage.

- Some pourers who used wooden skewers have reported problems. The instructions say you can use wooden implements but the hard edges of the skewer may be too much abuse for the teflon if it is repeatedly scraped.

- The same reasoning applies to the use of the lid during storage. The abrasion of the lid's metal band against the teflon can cause damage.

- Additionally, avoid abusing the teflon by scraping a metal ladel against the interior.

- Washing the pot before using it the first time will not cause damage. In fact it is highly recommended for those who have a spigot. Black bits from the hole drilling process can remain unseen in the bottom of the pot and also in the threads of the inside port. (It is recommended that the interior edges of the hole be inspected so see if the teflon is flaking the next time the pot is empty and also fill the pot with water and flush out the spigot, too.)

- Brown bits were more noted by people who do not completely close the bag or cover the wax filled pot before storing it...dust may be causing this problem.

- Brown bits may also form on the bottom of the pot if the maximum temperature was inadvertantly exceeded.

Many who reported these bits did not divulge the type or brand of wax they were using. So I can't say that one brand or manufacturer is more prone to this problem.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me. Hope this helps!

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I noticed little"pepper specks" in mine. you cant see them in the dark colors. But I have one jsut for white icing....Nothing gets scraped in there or nothing and it justs comes off. It will sink to the bottom, just have to make sure not to stir it up. every so often I clean it out, but nothing helps. Was wandering if i paint it with the grill paint that would help?

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It stands to reason if you stir your mix in the pot, you'll eventually begin to wear off the teflon coating. How long does a cheap teflon frying pan last? I have never stirred in the pot ( I don't use Presto ), so I have not had the problem, but I guess even when I used my Daizey pot, it might have flaked also if I stirred there. My turkey fryer is aluminum so no teflon flakes.

Anyway I have always poured my wax into a pour pot, and poured from there.


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