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Worst Products of 2007/***Please Read***


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I was reading on Yahoo this morning the 2007 awards for worst products of the year. #1 Went to a company selling sleeping pills for children. Among others on the list were Matell of course, for the many recalls (they deserve it!), and Kelloggs.This has made me realize how important it is to have some sort of quality control or quality assurance plan. Now more than ever i think consumers are becoming wary of poorly made products, and this will only get worse as companies fail to improve their quality standards, and rush to get new products to market.This is one area where we do have a significant advantage, and have a chance to make ourselves shine over large corporations. We make products by hand, or in small batches and can offer a quality product that they could never match with their mass production methods. Personally I feel a responsibility to my customers to have strict quality standards especially when selling and promoting products that bring a potential fire hazard into the home. This is definately something i will sit down and put into writing, and even post this on my website for my customers to see, i think most would appreciate that. No matter how small or large i am, or become, i would never want to win an award for worst product of the year!I have a sample plan and outline available, if anyone is interested pm me and I'll email it to you.Thanks for reading!

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