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Wax dipped bears


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For those of you who dip animals how many different scents to you take to shows with you? I get going and then i do not have room for all of them:rolleyes2

Also i have some christmas ones to dip what sort of scent show i dip them in?

Snow men



Thanks for your help

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I dip anything lol.. But i do them as ordered so i wouldn't be able to tell you how many i bring to shows ect. But for the christmas ones i would suggest ..

snowman- jack frost, any kind of snowy scents

reindeers - hmm:confused: maybe some spicy scents (reindeers are brown, so go with me here lol)

santa- i would think maybe ribbon candy or something of that nature.

Sorry i couldn't be much help.

Let us know what you choose:cheesy2:

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