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EcoSoy Pillar Blend

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Frosting seems to be minimal for me if I add the dye ( I use liquid dye) at a high temp (around 190) and stir well. I think the cracking issues you have may be due to cooling too fast. Try warming your molds before pouring, and or covering with a box while they are setting up. I have a cookie sheet lined with paper towels, put the molds on these, in the oven at 200 and take them out and set up to pour just before I am ready to pour. Keep my house at about 72 degrees most of the time.

HTH I use the Ecosoya, and love it.

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Heat your wax to 180 degrees, add fragrance oil first and mix (this way you can see the fragrance oil has clearly blended into the wax), then add your dye chips (prefer dye chips over liquid dye). Allow wax to cool down to 145-150 and then pour into your mold half way. Allow candle to cool until it slightly solidifies and add the remaining wax. Leave approximately a 1/4" from top of mold (which will be the bottom of candle).

Allow the candle to completely cool down for at least 24 hours and then remove.



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