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TSW Instant Karma


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OK Ladies ... for those who were using this scent, may I ask where are you going for it?

Admittably I have played with ordering from TSW and held off till today's sale came out and probably should have. I see that Instant Karma is out of stock with no back orders till further notice. Anyone have an inside on what's up? More importantly is where to go to find it lol!

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Here's what was posted on one of the forums I belong to:

I received this from one of my fragrance suppliers that I deal with, he

is mainly talking about Patchouli being used in some of their

fragrances. I know of at least 2 fragrance oils that I stock that

contain Patchouli. This is going to be a nightmare. Please read the


There is a serious situation in the marketplace with Patchouli Oil.

Due to severe crop damage from adverse weather conditions over the past

6-9 months, prices have more than tripled. Depending on the usage

level in certain fragrances, we have seen costs more than double. In

fact, our suppliers are no longer honoring our contract price. What

this all means is that we can no longer offer certain fragrances at

their current prices. We are going through our entire database to

decipher which fragrances are impacted the most. We will be contacting

you over the next few weeks to discuss if any current selling

fragrances or recent submitted samples are affected. According to our

sources, it's going to probably get worse before it gets better. We

are working on modifications to see if we can create the same fragrance

using alternative patchouli replacements. We will keep you posted.

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Oregon Trails Karma- get it now before the price rises.

Patchouli EO is skyrocketing right now, and forecasted to go even higher in price. Bad season, small crops- etc.

And if anyone is ordering from TSW, PLEASE PM me.

I need Satsuma Guava- can Paypal immediately. :)

Dang! All I could find in a search had nothing to do with this year and vaguely remembered reading something about a patch shortage, but also thought I dreamed it lol.

Appreciate those of you who were most helpful in giving your information (from MA down). It's so refreshing! Two recommendations for OT, hmmm.

And sorry MA, I ordered, but might better get my butt over to OT then.

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TSW is really fast on shipping these days. Their Karma is to die for, and I hate Patchouli! I still have 4 oz that I am treasuring, and using the IFT Karma for my other products.

I dont know about OT but Day Star Supplies has the Karma from Serendipities and it is on point with TSW:


She calls is Karma Kazi.

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So Z, how do you compare IFT's version to others?

I went with poundage out of OT (haven't tried them and keep meaning too but can't remember if I ordered anything other than Karma for scents lol)

I thought OT's price was reasonable and enough under TSW's that if it compares with what's left from TSW then I would likely change.

I remembered in my searches for Karma that DS had one, but I must have missed it on her site and had to close out quickly as I would have been at work lol.

MA next time I order from TSW, I'll make sure to see if you need something!

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So Z, how do you compare IFT's version to others?

Not Z, but if she has the same version I have from the last IFT co-op offered here, I really like it - it has more of a soapy/sweet/clean vibe and/but softer than either OT's or SW's, which both scream shades of woodstock '69 to me, very heavy on the hippy, gawd, I'm having a flashback, is Nixon still president? type feeling when I smell them. I like IFT's version best, myself,:) but I'm sure I'm in the minority if you're going for the heavier on the patchouli type stuff.

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LOL Bette!! Thank you. I'm game to trying some eventually if I get that chance. Sounds most interesting and I wouldn't mind comparing.

As for heavy on the patch ... mmm ... I'm guilty of being fond of those type of scents.

Forgot to add ... no Nixon isn't alive any more. (LOL!)

Your heavy comment has me thinking of renaming the soap to Heavy ... wasn't that a common saying then besides Peace and Love and wild colors.

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Sorry I am so late in responding. I prefer the SW Karma over the IFT Karma for soaping. I have used the SW Karma over 5 times with the same recipe, I get a perfect batch each and every time. With the IFT Karma my soap is still kind of soft after almost a month of curing. I am going to try it again and see if the same thing happens. I don't understand it....

Now Serendipity's Karma is exactly the same as SW Karma, now available at Day Star Supplies, and for a lot less money. That's the one I will be going back to.

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I'll have to remember that about DS. My OT one came today. Just an OOB comparison at first was quite similar to TSW, but I have a whiff of smoky out of OT's. Will be interesting in product as that's the real tester.

You'll be totally addicted to OT's oils in soap, trust me.

I LOVE her oils for B&B. I haven't had a bad one yet. If you would have participated in the OT swap, you'd have been amazed on how many oils she has that totally rock.

I know you are super busy now in show mode. Maybe early next year we can do another one. You really need to smell some of these oils in different applications. Especially the new ones. :)

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I hear ya! I woulda participated, but that would have to be between late December and mid-February (just to give you an idea of when to swaparoo lol). I know I missed out, but I have boxes that I've consolidated here and thus screwed up other swaps. When I go to review it's like, well it wasn't that swap, so what one was it?

I can say I didn't surprise myself. Turns out Karma was all I ordered in the FO department lol.

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