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Tabbing wicks

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I'm curious-- do you girls/guys do this yourself? Or do you buy already tabbed? i've bought all tabbed, but am curious if you find that doing it yourself works better?

Also, the ones I've gotten have wax around the core, but I've seen people's candles with no wax on the wick at all... what's the difference?

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Hi Jade. I'm no expert. I just do what works...for me. I don't sell candles. I just make my own.

I quit using tabs at all quite some time ago. Basically, I just ran out of tabs. And realized that a container without a tab eliminates a number of the safety issues. The wick just collapses into the melt pool once it has burned down to close to the bottom. Long before it can catch fire to wick trimmings etc.

I center a short copper rod in the container after I pour and twirl it several times as the wax is cooling so that wax doesnt harden to my---wick pin. Then extract wick pin, insert primed wick and repour.

I suppose that wouldnt be so effective with tea lites or votives. But it's what works for me.

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I buy tabbed, save the scraps and retab for other candles.

Spools are great, but one has to put out a heckuva lot of candles of the same size for that to be cost effective.

Having primed, tabbed wicks in a standard length is a big timesaver. If one, for example, was going to make nothing but votives, it might be more cost effective (cost + labor) to buy pretabbed wicks in the appropriate length for the votives.

When new to candlemaking, it's best to buy pretabbed, primed wicks in a variety of sizes until you get a feel for what you are doing and where you are going with your new passion. Test, test, test.

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