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What makes palm softer?


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Are there any of you you blend your palm with something else to make it softer?

I'm asking because I have a customer who wants to have a wax that melts a bit faster than palm and soy. I've suggested a soy blend which is still in consideration but as my workshop is full of sacks with palm wax/fat (it is not crystalizing but looks like soy) I'd like to experiment with it as well - so if you have any ideas I'd be very happy!

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Melts faster..geee! I have never tried it but how about adding Crisco. I have heard people on this board add it to their wax... Just an idea.

Yes, he wants it that way:werd: - I've explained and explained, but he wants a candle like the luxury ones from Tocca or Acqua di Parma - slaves of advertising:laugh2: I guess - but as long as he is paying for it I make those faster melting candles for him. Crisco, hmm?

I can already see myself experimenting with all kinds of vegetable oils....sounds like a bit of fun!

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I've been trying to soften my Glass Glow for one reason :

I'm trying to wick a 3" pepermint EO tumbler and it's burning soooo slow. I could put a citronella torch in there and only get a 1" melt pool.

So funny thing this palm wax.

Here's the results of my experiment:

1. Added some pure soy - turned rock rock hard - I could have made a Cane candle with what came out!

2. Added coconut oil - same! Pulled away from the glass and Now I know what I can use to Hurricaine proof my roof!

3. So I figured the palm must be acting like "Palm Stearic" or other palm products that seem to harder soap and candles - so I just grabbed some pf my Palm Oil (not palm Kernel) and poured some of that. It helped a tad but then I lost a good amount of the crystals.

Have not tried palm kernel or crisco, but I think I've given up on the pepermint.


Hope that helps.


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