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What should I do?


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Here are some pictures of a test candle that I made on 10/22. didn't have time to burn and watch it properly until today.

Wax - Peaks gb 444

wick - htp 41 from Peaks

f/o - 1 oz peaks white tea and ginger

jar - 9oz balmoral

add. - vybar 260

dye - (chip) maple added @ 180 deg.

poured @ 144.1

These are the problems that I have encountered:

1) frosting around the bottom of the candle.


2) small holes and air pockets around the wick. This is the best pic. that I could get.


3) first hr of burning this is the biggest the burn pool had gotten. Couldn't find measuring stick to measure how deep it was.


4) after burning for 4hrs. The burn pool did get a little wider and got just got deeper.

5959882_00000_thumb.jpg 5959883_00000_thumb.jpg

I followed Peaks instructions for processing because I got the wax, wicks and f/o from them. I see that everyone has different processing techniques for thier supplies. Could someone give advice please.


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Thanks. I thought the wick looked kind of small. For whatever reason I remember this being the suggested size. Maybe I read it wrong :embarasse . I am going to put this on the warmer and re-wick with an 83. I have another to test that I used an ECO-4 in that I'm going to light right now. I'll Post about that one later.


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