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When Do I Consider Double Wicking?

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As I have mentioned before I am new to the container making scene. I have been trying to get a 7.5cm square glass straight sided tumbler to burn right. I am using a paraffin container wax by Sasol, a tiny amount of colour (block form) and Candle Source's Apple Butter.

I'm having a hell of a time *lol* as I knew I would with containers to get the melt pool to the edge on the 1st or 2nd burn. I am going to keep trying until I have no wick left unburnt but here's my question ............

When do I consider double wicking? Is it recommended for certain sized containers or just personal choice? Basically, are there any rules for double wicking??


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That is the exact size of my square container (measured it in cm) and I use one wick...either 60C or 62C, but I don't use paraffin so not sure those will work for you. Also the CD18-20 or HTP 105 works in that size container with most scents. Most here say they double wick at 4" diam (10 cm? not real good at this conversion thing!)if you search on it.

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