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Whats a good vanilla and blueberry?


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I use soy wax, so i always look for strong fo's.

I am trying to find a true blueberry- one that smells like blueberrirs not a fake scent. Dear Bf always says the blueberry reminds him of pipe tobacco....

Then, I am trying to find a good vanilla. I don't know if vannila is supposed to have a weird chemically i can't describe smell oob? Seems like the ones i am getting do.

I'd like to get some small samples and test them out.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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JS has some AWESOME vanilla scents. Southern Style Vanilla is a true vanilla scent. I also love the Vanilla Incredible. They have candied blueberry that is a strong blueberry scent as well.

I have the Vanilla Bliss from ICS/Snowtop. I think it is a vanilla hazelnut vs. a straight vanilla scent. I have read alot of reviews for it after I bought it. They all said the same thing so I knew it wasn't just my nose lol

Don't judge an FO oob. I have done that before and put them aside. When I came back across those FO's and decided to give it a try in wax, I was really surprised at how well it did. ;)

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Bert (heaven scent candle supply) has a blueberry vanilla called Blue Vanilla. Not sure how it is but all the other scents I ordered from her are wonderful. I'm getting ready to order this from her. Her prices rock also so you wouldn't be out much trying it. Here is the link to her e-bay store http://stores.ebay.com/Heaven-Scent-...Q3amesstQQtZkm but if you e-mail her you can get a better deal. There is a thread with all the info on her FO's in this section.



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