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Customers are asking for Christmas Scents, do you think these are good?


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I'm starting to have groupies, lol. My mom set up at a show 2 weeks ago and yesterday 4 people from the other show came to buy my Melts.

They told her they want Christmas scents. But didn't say what type of scents they would like.

So are these good enough.

Candy Cane (NG)

Mulberry Spice (NG)

Bayberry (NG)

Plum Spice (Peak's)

Home Sweet Home (NG)

Cranberry Balsm (NG)

Snickerdoodle (EAC)

Gingerbread (NG)

Pine (EAC)

Country Christmas (NG)

Snow Angels (NG)

Do you think I have a variety of Christmas scents for them or should I add more?


Mindy :)

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the only one i use from your list is country xmas from ng. here is my experience on the rest of your list.

i can't give away candy candy (peppermint). i do use it for mixes.

candy cane & cinnamon-i call this fireside. could put some pine in it also.

candy cane & vanilla

candy cane & vanilla & pine- sleighride.

candy cane & pine

bayberry sells i also mix it with cinnamon.

cranberry balsam should be a good seller.


gingerbread you can also mix these two for a 3rd scent.

pine- it doesn't sell good for me alone so i mix it.

pine & candy cane

pine & vanilla

pine & cinnamon

just be creative & do alot of mixing. you might think about adding some sort of apple pie/strudel/cobbler sort of smell. my top sellers the last 3 shows have been mc's sweet orange & chili pepper, mc's cozy home, mc's chestnuts & brown sugar. good luck

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