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NewBie/Pilliars Question???

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I know it will probably very depending on the type of wax and so on...

But, Roughly how many 3x6.5 round flat-top pillars could you get out of a presto-pot full of wax???

If knowing the wax would be more accurate, I'm Planning on using the Ecosoya PB Pillar Blend From Candle Science....

If I decide to start doing this as a hobby... I want to know How many molds to buy... Don't want more than I need... LOL...


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Prestos will melt around seven lbs of wax - each 3x6.5 holds 23 oz of wax. There is a wax calculator under general information to your left on the screen which you can use to determine different sizes. hth :)

ets: I changed the oz you will need - hadn't made that size in awhile and went over to the calculator to double check my figure - should've done that first :)

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