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what have i missed??


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I've been thinking of things that i might have missed and could do. Basically i have a bill for supplies that i got on a short credit but the last couple of months has been real slow. but i have spoke to the supplier and she has been really understanding and allowed me to pay in instalments which i have to keep to!!! I feel really bad now though and will never order on credit again.so lesson learnt but now i have to find ways of comming up with the money. i have enough for the first 2 instalments which are paid weekly but now im at a loss. so ive brain stormed these following ways to gain the money back in the hope that they work!

1. open house parties at mine and a friends house

2. School xmas fair

3. Offering my products @ wholesale

4. Puting a display in a hand craft product store

5. newsletters with a monthly offer

6. Candle demos

7. Candle parties

okay so ive done numbers 5, 6 and 7 which i am continuing to market. Approached to stores for no 3 last week and will do follow up this week- or is that too soon? and am just putting stock together for no4.

but im sure ive missed something and its such a horrible position to be in!!

Do any of you have any suggestions??

thanks so much

chauntelle xx :confused:

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thanks for your suggestions. at the mo i cant find any craft fairs locally but on monday i will search through the local papers in the hope of finding a couple! Its hard to advertise in a mag coz i cant spend out really every penny is going to pay this off!

Hey nat - its quite a bit actually £500 in total that i need by xmas!so im open to anything and i guess b4 xmas is wen everyones spending right??? i hope so any way!

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forget craft fairs - they are expensive and people don't tend to buy much. I have only ever done 3 or 4 craft fairs and the sales are slow, the pitch expensive and the people attending are mostly "browsers".

Do boot fairs - preferably hard standing, as setting up on grass is a bitch. Do GOOD bootfairs too, not tiny little one-off ones, the bigger the better and if it's on concrete AND undercover then you're laughing. A boot fair costs £10 or so to attend and because candles are low cost items, people are not frightened off by them. Wax melts sell extremely well, especially if you're burning some samples that people whiff as they walk past. Low cost candles like votives and anything under a fiver all sell well, and then you'll have a loony come up and buy 10 candles and part with £50. It does happen.

Lay it out neatly and cleanly - don't clutter. and DO have price tags, which goes against the recommendations for boot fairs. You have price tags because these are brand new crafted items, not second hand tat so there is no negotiation on the price, unless you do special offers.

On the last boot fair I did I made £300, and it gets crazy in november/early december so try and do gift baskets/bags etc as there is always people looking for last minute gifts. I did a boot fair on xmas eve last year - it was only a 3 hour bootfair but I turned over £190 which was pretty cool for 6am on xmas eve.

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cheers natty definatly do that one. we have an indoor/outdoor market nearby on a sunday and the same one on a sat but with outside carbooty pitches. the inside is more popular this time of yr coz its slighty weather protected. i did one before it cost me £18.00 and i only just broke even but the other stall holders told me it was a particually bad time to have a stall it was begining of feb and i thought valentines but it didnt work might work for xmas gifts though would you give it a go???

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January to August are slow for candles when selling outside in the UK. August to December are the best, with October, November and December being the best months, so give it a go. Kill two birds with one stone and set up two stalls, fill one with candles then drag hubby or friend to man another stall with your household stuff/clothes/toys etc that you want to get rid of

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Good idea my other halfs just expanding his business and is wholesaling some georgeous chocs. he's got a whole xmas and valentines gift range so might drag him along! he'll probably sell more than me though LOL but if his charms that gd i'll leave him to man my stall and go drink t!! He He

thanks so much for the great advise will give this a go:yay: ...

any more bright ideas if this doesnt work!! Really cant give up on this!

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