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M&P Embed supplier?


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Ok, I did a search and came up with only classies and wax embed info.

My Mom has asked me if I could make some M&P soaps with the Starlight Mint type embeds (red & white disks) She wants it scented in peppermint candy FO and with water soluble paper that says her friends business name...

Anyhoo- my question is- does anyone know of a place to order such a thing as these embeds? I sure as heck am not going to do any embed striping of my own, lol. I'm sure I will be having enough fits as it is with the WS paper, lol.

Thanks for any info!

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Cuz 'Mommy' asked if I could make/get mint candy embeds....and i'm super stubborn. :rolleyes2 And we always want to please 'Mommy' right?:rolleyes2

My mind is suddenly starting to turn though... She just wants it to be Christmas-y and she thought the candy & peppermint Fo combo was SOOOOO clever, lol.

What if i could find Christmas shaped bath confetti, huh? huh? Eh? <wink> :whistle:

Thanks for the input!

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