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Setting up for craft fair


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Well, my mom took the pictures so they will be up tomorrow. It went well. Okay turn out, but no one seemed to be buying much from anyone. I did okay. Table was $20 and I made $130. Not too bad for my first time out. I do have a FUNNY story though. I sold candles for a while with this girl that I went to school with, but stopped when people started asking for soy and scents that she said that she couldn't get (even thought I found them just fine). Well, she was there. First, she was giving me terrible dirty looks during set up and then during the craft show was the best. My mom had aprons made for me a couple weeks ago with my buisness name so that we would look more professional. Well, wouldn't you know that 2 hours into the craft show someone comes up to her booth with a apron with her buisness name on it. It looked like they had RUSHED to make it. It was so obvious. I never laughed so hard. It didn't look like she had much buisness and it might of had to do with the fact that she had 4 people working with her and her 2 month old baby on her lap most of the time. I actually felt kind of bad, but the apron thing was priceless.

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