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Suggestion on a container

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Hi all, I usually don't do containers, but I have a vegetable wax I want to try, the only container I have is glass, it's about 3.7" wide at the top, and 2.3" at the bottom. Since there is a difference I knwo wicking can be ahrd, and I know nothing about wicking containers. So far I only have some LX wicks (different sizes), some RRD and some falt braid.

What would you suggest?

Shoul I try with this container first or I'd better choose something more "regular" in shape?


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soy wax can be hard to wick... even harder in a jar that doesn't have straight sides. I've found that anything over about 3 1/4" just can't be single wicked. Then, if you wick for the widest part of the jar, it will be overwicked when you get to the narrow part. For me, it would definitely be a challenge to wick that jar...

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well I would try maybe an LX26/28 or an RRD 50 maybe? I am sure you won't get a full MP at the get go but as it goes down hopefully it will all catch up, but then at the bottom you have to watch and make sure the glass jar doesnt get to hot. Soy can be known to tunnel down rather then out but that would be my 2 cents for a starting point on a wick. Now if it doesnt work don't blame me :laugh2:

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thank you very much, I won't blame anyone, I'd use something "easier" but I don't have any other container and dont' have the time to go out and buy something.

It's not soy, it's something called "palm fat" but it's a container wax.

Anyway I work with palm for pillars and it seems that vegetable waxes are always hard to wick.

Thanks a lot!

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