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** What's in your pot this week/end? **


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The weeks sure seem to move faster the closer it gets to the holidays, doesn't it.

Good luck to all of those with shows, and stay safe our Californians!

This weekend after packing up orders will be more soaping. I'm pretty well caught up, so I'll actually get to play with some new scents. Will be trying 2 new pumpkins (my current one is too dark for my liking and is renamed "Creamy Nutmeg"). Then probably bath tea and a ton of tangerine and lavender lip balms.

What are you guys up to?

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Yumm tangerine and lavender lipbalms! :drool:

Well...... since I FINALLY figured out how to make a cover that fits my bigger jar, I can get down to business of pouring these for my upcoming open house!:yay:

Geesh, it took me long enough!! I thought I was gonna be bald before I figured it out, but I do still have a bit of hair left! LOL

I have to thank my DH profusely for helping me with the "math", that's my main reason for getting so frustrated, I SUCK AT MATH-fractions conversions and such!

I'm hoping to get most of my 10 scents poured by the end of next week. :)

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This week I finished up pouring some stock to replace what I had sold last weekend. I poured Caramel Pecan Pie, Lemon Pound Cake, Mistletoe, Southern Vanilla, New England Mist, Blue Sugar, Fruit Slices, Jamaica Me Crazy, Cinnamon Buns, Gardenia, Juicy Pineapple, and Buttercream Frosting all into 16oz apothecary jars. Now I think I'm ready for the continuation of last weeks show this weekend. It's a Halloween Festival so hopefully it will go well!

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Got a huge delivery of wax today (different from the last lot) just tried it out making yet another rustic layer, looks promising so far didn't have any snowflakey mottling thing going on. So depending how it turns out tomorrow I'll be getting busy doing more, just love these pillar wick pins I got yesterday. Gonna be pouring lavender & chamomile, vanilla, creme brulee, eucalyptus & peppermint, mistletoe and christmas splendour. If its not rustic layers it'll be good 'ole chunk pillars :)

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Still trying to get all the stock I sold at the show caught up for the next two shows I have in two weeks! I have to pour:


Home for the Holidays

Sage Lemongrass

Cool Citrus Basil


Cherry Bomb

Balsam Fir




White tea and Ginger


Thunder River

Strawberry Kiwi

Pumpkin Pie

Cranberry Cinnamon!

I'd say that's enough to keep me out of trouble for this week.


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Got my oils from Bert this week & a whole bunch of others so I need to get some in my cb135 to test.

Wanted to get test pillars made up too but I ran out of wax & the new box doesn't come til next week sometime. :sad2: Bit of a bummer really as I have a house party the week after next & I wanted to introduce the christmas scents then, hoping I'll have some ready but it won't be the full range.


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I am cleaning my candle making room first. Then I am pouring a 2" pillar until I get the wick right. Working on some melt cups, 3" pillars. Using my little bottles of samples up.

Gotta clean house somewhere in there also.:(

I also have maple leaves to rake up. Maybe next weekend. I usually wait until it threatens to snow first. I just hate raking leaves that aren't from a tree in my yard. I complain about this every year. Even told my husband to sneak over there and cut the darn thing down.

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I am going to make some firestarters in the papercup thingies..I have always made the pinecone ones and love them but people are really weird and only would buy one. :undecided So I am going to just melt my extra oddball wax and pour it with cedar shavings and sell them by the bundle for $5.00 just to get rid of them.. So lots of mixed scents..

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Well Saturday's pots may be kinda bare. Poor guys. Rockin is doing a huge show. I'm covering state volleyball too many hours away, but I plan to play when I get home!

Let's see ... it's all Christmas/Holiday scents with the exception of some Log Cabin (gotta really hold onto that one now that Mint Meadows isn't selling FOs ... which hurts), Cedar, some fruit stuff and some herb stuff and the last of another FO that will hurt ... Silent Night. Sure wish someone could dupe it. I think Angel is close, but not it.

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Just finished day one of another 2 day weekend craft fair. It ends tomorrow. I had to make more M&P soap tonite when I got home cause half of it sold at todays show. I'm not going to complain about that. But I am pretty tired now. Still have to wait for it to harden to cut up and pack for tomorrow.

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Yesterday I poured 9oz jars (1 dozen each) and tarts in:

Amish Harvest

Apple Cinnamon

Hot Apple Pie

Lilacs in Bloom

Orange Cupcake

Vanilla Bean Noel

Sugared Spruce

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Russian Tea


Today I have to pour:

Wildberry Mousse

Toasted Marshmallow (3 doz of this one)

Harvest Spice

Am also pouring testers of Impeccable Pear, Bartlet & Basil and Brandied Pear...can you tell I am on a pear mission?? :)


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