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dos i think?


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i made soap about last tues , it has all turned a from creamy white to a tan color ...doesn't usually do this and has a smell to it that is sort of twangy.

It is scented with almond. I can still smell almond but that twang is noticable i haven't had this happen before so Im thinking it is dos. I don't see orange spot though . Should I throw it out?

I have a home party Nov 6 and will have to remake 10 lbs, hp, and hope it is ready by then.

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If you had DOS, you would actually have spots on your soap and it would be ugly. Your soap can morph for days after you make it.. if it turned tan I'm sure it's because of a high vanilla content in the fragrance oil or some other reasonable explanation. Smells "twangy" makes no sense to me, but I've had some CP soap just lose their good smell all together while it's being made and turn into something hideous, not exactly sure if it was "twangy" though LOL! DOS though will always turn up with spots! Maybe wait awhile, but if the good smell doesn't come back there doesn't seem to be much sense in keeping a stinky batch around huh?

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If it were me, I'd go ahead and do a new hp batch to have some to sell, but hang onto the "bad" soap for awhile longer. The worst that could happen is that you'll have to toss it later. But the bad smell may eventually go away, then you could cube or shred up small amounts of it and incorporate into new batches.

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I did two different scents one is almond -that is a scent I always use ( never had this happen before) and the other is extremely sexy-this one smells like wood , maybe that is supposed to smell like that

almond looks tan but both have a hint of a celeryish smell - sort of my twangy description LOL

I do what I call a whip rebatch with fresh soap- its where I HP leave sit till am then double boiler melt, whip and add fo and mold.

this is my process for all soap I make cause I like the creamy white color I get this way and a better looking surface.

I could smell that twang when it was sitting in the mold waiting for me to scent it on the second day

No milk in this recipe ...this is my recipe I use for all soaps.

Oils are a couple months old.

I will keep this soap for my use and see how it goes.

Gotta get started on new batch and hope it is ready for nov 6, :cheesy2:

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