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question about fragrance oil


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Fo's are generally a blend of natural & synthetic oils. Eo's are extracted directly from natural botanicals. As far as being safe & not creating an allergic reaction ... that's a lofty claim. Poison Ivy & Cedar are both 100% natural, but they sure do send me into a tailspin!


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In fact, most all EO's are dangerous to use on your skin. Many are for inhaling, or bathing, wash off products, and generally adding to things because there are many volatile/active oils in them. You could make fragrance oil from eo's and a carrier, but this is an expensive and very limited way to go generally. As Sioux and Chris mentioned 'natural' in NO WAY means 'non allergenic'. That's crazy.

Perhaps he thinks or meant because he uses a non-not source of carrier oil they are safe for that common allergy in general.

I'd be asking him to state his resources of his research and 'lab test' results. :rolleyes2 Then ask if his insurance has claimed to stand by him on the matter.

Ok... I'll stop. :rolleyes2

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